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It is not, of course, a ballad about rugby football.

The signature song of Kenny Rogers – a country music legend or comfy middle-of-the-road redneck, depending upon your prejudices – is about a card-sharp.

Before the match in which they whopped the Australians, the whole team sang along.

As soon as they returned triumphant from the pitch, "The Gambler" was straight on again.

After three sellout UK tours, Dirty Dusting returns to the stage in 2018.

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Paul Vallely reports Matt Stevens is a man of many parts. Graduate in politics and economics from the University of Bath.

And, fans of Sharon Osbourne may recall, runner-up in ITV's 2006 X Factor: Battle of the Stars, the celebrity talent contest in which Ms Osbourne was his mentor.

The song he strummed was a country and western standard made famous in the late Seventies by one of the genre's most recognisable figures, the now snowy-haired and white-bearded Kenny Rogers.

It was called "The Gambler" and during the four weeks of the World Cup tournament has – according to contemporary legend, at least – been an essential pillar in a miraculous transformation in the fortunes of the England team, from a bedraggled outfit who were soundly drubbed by South Africa early on to gritty superheroes who bulldozed their way past the Aussies and the French into this weekend's final.

Already, the England players have embraced the lyrics.


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